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Coil spring fasteners are usually made from high-quality stainless steel, which can lock close "open loop" wire shafts found above, which come with various sizes to choose from. 

The button spring clip is used to hold cylindrical objects in place via spring tension, which can connect and attach moving parts in engines and other mechanical equipment.

The door tension spring keeps your door operating smoothly and easily. Decorative hardware is easy to install to add a distinctive style to your home.

In addition to the hardware parts mentioned above, we also offer many other hardware options for different applications, such as the terminal stamping part for PCB spring terminal blocks, stamping compression mould die spring, compression molded mold spring, molding compression springs, compression spring for mold, die coil compression spring for die mold, compression mold die spring, compression load type rectangular wire mold spring, wave spring compression mold spring, push button spring clip, etc.

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