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Compression Spring

The compression spring is the helical compression spring under axial pressure. In general, compression springs are divided into pitch springs and variable pitch springs. And according to the different shapes and sizes, you can find the conical compression spring, cylindrical helical compression spring, cylindrical coil compression spring, tower compression spring, light compression spring, small compression spring, large compression springs, large diameter compression springs, and more many size wholesale compression springs in the market. 

The variable pitch compression spring is becoming more and more common, which plays different roles in different environments. Sometimes, the non-circular compression spring may be tailored based on specific needs, which is necessary for the customized stainless steel compression spring - to contract and deform when subjected to the external load and deformation energy storage. 

Xinzhaolang is the leading custom compression spring manufacturer & supplier in China. We offer a wide range of precision compression spring and industry compression spring options for various fields, including the micro compression spring, aluminum compression spring, chair compression spring, seat compression spring, heavy duty compression spring, stainless steel compression spring, compression spring for exercise equipment,  compression spring for engine, compression springs for valve, and so on at affordable prices.

Compression spring C-197|compressione spring

Packing details: 1000PCS / bag Application industry introduction:  Aerospace, Industrial, Medical applications, Automotive applications, Household appliances, Electronic, Toys, Hardware tool Product parameters: