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PCB touch buttons using springs are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and nickel-coated wire. The wire diameter is 0.15mm-4.0mm and above, and plate O.D 8mm to 19mm. And the surface finish is available in nickel, zinc, gold, silver, tin, chromium, yellow zinc, oxide black, white, and blue zinc or customized. 

Our computer program can assist you with the load design, and the style of ends - open, closed, and ground can be chosen from. PCB touch buttons using springs have various applications, such as aerospace, industrial, medical applications, automotive applications, household appliances, electronics, toys, hardware tools, etc.

pcb touch buttons using springs XL-5171

Simple shape,simple structure,fast speed of machine produce ,about 50PCS/min; the melting point of tin is 245 degrees; Packing details: 1000PCS / bag Application industry introduction:  Aerospace, Industrial, Medi