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Guangdong Xinzhaolang Precision Technology Co., Ltd.: Make small springs a big business
01 Mar 2022

"Small Spring Big World" is located in Guangdong Xinzhaolang Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinzhaolang") located in Huakou Industrial Zone, Ronggui. The six characters on the front desk are particularly eye-catching. Xinzhaolang has grown from a small factory to a high-tech enterprise focusing on spring production in the ten years since its establishment. On March 1, the reporter interviewed Cai Langming, the head of the company. The output value increased by 200 times in ten years 10 years ago, Cai Langming came to Shunde from Yunfu and became a capacitor salesman. Accidentally learned that a Ronggui company needs to touch the spring, Cai Langming made the deal. This experience also allowed Cai Langming to discover business opportunities in spring production. In 2012, the predecessor of Xinzhaolang was born in Ronggui Xijiao. Cai Langming, who studied computer science, is naturally sensitive to the Internet, and began to advertise on a large scale through exploration. The online promotion has brought unexpected results to the company, and orders from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions are flying like snowflakes. "In the first year, a business of more than 300,000 yuan was made." Talking about the entrepreneurial process ten years ago, Cai Langming said bluntly that he also entered the field of spring production by accident. The development of the enterprise is related to operation, and it is inseparable from home appliances in the past decade , the rapid progress of auto parts and other industries. "In less than three years, the output value has exceeded 10 million yuan, and it is expected to exceed 60 million yuan this year." Like many start-ups, in the first few years Cai Langming was both the boss, sales and finance. "By 2018, I feel that this extensive management model can no longer adapt to the situation. Enterprises need to introduce high-quality talents, and the governance structure must also change." Cai Langming is determined to carry out the shareholding reform of the enterprise and introduce the partnership system to promote the enterprise's operation in the