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Tempering Furnace

The tempering furnace is used for spring, spring, forging die, impact tools, and other medium-temperature stages, subverting the traditional process to improve production. Production tempering process system - spring winding directly and processing customization are available.

* Increase efficiency
The tempering furnace is small in size and easy to move. It is directly connected to the spring machine, directly eliminating manual handling and manual tempering processes to improve product output rate.

* Save energy consumption
Compared with the traditional tempering tunnel furnace, the tempering furnace has a small-volume full-drive 360-degree heating mode with precise digital electronic temperature control ±1℃. It can improve the electric heating energy efficiency output rate and greatly reduce electrical energy loss.

* Improve product consistency
"One machine + one furnace (purification)" tempering can avoid the deviation of angle and size caused by excessive internal stress in the process of winding to the greatest extent and greatly improve the consistency of products.

* Optimize your work environment
The lampblack purification system of the tempering furnace carries on the pollution-free purification treatment to the lampblack produced by tempering. The purification effect achieves more than 95% and finally purifies the air and improves the operators' working environment.

Tempering furnace HHL|small extension spring

Packing details: 1 PCS/BOX Application industry introduction:  spring factory