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Terminal Stamping Part F-15
Terminal Stamping Part F-15
  • Terminal Stamping Part F-15
  • Terminal Stamping Part F-15
  • Terminal Stamping Part F-15
  • Terminal Stamping Part F-15
  • Terminal Stamping Part F-15

Terminal Stamping Part F-15

Packing details: 1000PCS / bag
Application industry introduction:  Aerospace, Industrial, Medical applications, Automotive applications, Household appliances, Electronic, Toys, Hardware tool

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Product Details

terminal stamping part

Customized detail :
Material Barss, iron , stainless steel Etc
Processing Our process includes tooling fabrication,stamping,deep drawing,punching,  spinning,laser cutting,bending,seamless welding,machining and assembly 
Surface Finish Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Anodic oxidation,Black oxided,Electrophoresis
Power coating, Gold plating, Silver plating, Tin plating, Paint,Chorme, Phosphate
Dacromet,Oil coating, Copper plating, Sand blasting, Passivation, Polishing,Etc
ISO9000, ISO14000, ROHS, SGS

A connector fixed structure, including the connector body, clamp, its characteristic is that it also includes a number of vertical setting of guiding cylinder at the bottom of the connector body, it can insert a number in the jack on the substrate, the connector body positioning on the substrate of a specific location, guiding cylinder two side concave along the length direction respectively set up a holding tank, a number of clamp around two side symmetrically installed in the guiding cylinder, the clamp has a fixed end and card production respectively, fixed end interpolation in the position of the two side connector ontology base is located in the guiding cylinder, card production by the fixed end down,And clamping inside the accommodating groove on both sides of the guide cylinder, the card is inserted into the socket of the embankment board, the bottom of the card is convex outward provided with an arc clamping end, clamping end clamping in the bottom edge of the socket of the embankment board

Flag Receptacles: Flag receptacles are a reliable termination for applications where space is a critical factor. These receptacles have a mating tab which is a right angle to axis of conductor. 
Straight Receptacles: Straight receptacles are created with or without insulation. Receptacles with insulation have diameters of .040-.230.
Wire Crimp Tabs: These tabs are specifically designed for line splices and other special applications. Wire Crimp Tabs can be applied to 22-14 AWG wire with "F" crimp termination and have insulation support.
Printed Circuit Board Tabs: Designed for PCB hole insertion and permanent fixing through solderling.
Board Mount Tabs: Available in all series. The mounting process for board tabs utilizes rivets or screws through stud holes. TE offers board mount tabs in 90 degree configurations and angled versions.
Locking Action and Contact Area: Designed to increase contact surfaces and lock tabs and receptacles at the proper insertion depth for firm retention.

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