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The battery spring is usually responsible for two important functions:

  • * Conduct the current from the battery to the circuit

  • * Hold the battery in place and keep it running continuously and efficiently

The capacitive touch spring is made of stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, and nickel-plated wire, with a touch area that meets the design requirements. The nickel-plated wire is an excellent electrical conductor, which also can provide general corrosion resistance to the capacitive touch spring, eliminating the possibility of galvanic corrosion and helping to resist wear and tear. In addition, nickel will also tend to help break down oxides that may form on the surface of the metal contacts of the battery. 

Xinzhaolang supplies a wide range of battery compression springs and battery contact compression springs for various applications in different industries, including the touch switch battery spring, stainless steel compression battery spring, compression battery spring, PCB contact battery spring, battery leaf PCB contact spring, compression remote control battery spring, conical compression battery spring, metal battery compression spring, and so on.

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