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torque force coil springs|tension spring.
torque force coil springs|tension spring.
  • torque force coil springs|tension spring.
  • torque force coil springs|tension spring.

torque force coil springs|tension spring.

Packing details: 1000PCS / bag
Application industry introduction:  Aerospace, Industrial, Medical applications, Automotive applications, Household appliances, Electronic, Toys, Hardware tool

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Product Details

Customized detail :

Material SS302(AISI302)/SS304(AISI304)/SS316(AISI316)/SS301(AISI301)
Music wire/C17200/C64200, Etc
Wire Diameter 0.1~20 mm
Surface Finish Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Anodic oxidation,Black oxided,Electrophoresis
Power coating, Gold plating, Silver plating, Tin plating, Paint,Chorme, Phosphate
Dacromet,Oil coating, Copper plating, Sand blasting, Passivation, Polishing,Etc
ISO9000, ISO14000, ROHS, SGS

Tensile springs (tension springs) are spiral springs that bear axial tension. Tensile springs are generally made of circular cross section materials.When not bearing the load, the stretch spring between the ring and the ring is generally tight and no gap.It is used to control the movement of the machine parts, store energy, measure the size of the force, etc. It is widely used in machines and instruments.The form of the hook has side hook spring, long hook spring, English hook spring, German hook spring, semicircle hook spring, duck mouth hook spring and so on, its material has stainless steel, qin steel, high carbon steel, phosphorous copper, beryllium copper, oil tempered alloy spring steel.

tension spring

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