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The coil torsion spring is a spiral torsion spring that exerts a torque or rotational force. Usually, the end configurations of torsion springs are machined into various shapes of torsion arms, from single to double torsion, and even various torsion bar deformations can be shaped according to the torsion spring design. The ends of the single torsion spring are connected to other components, and as these components rotate around the center of the spring, the spring tries to push them back to their original position.

Torsion springs use the principle of leverage to give great mechanical energy through the deformation or rotation of the soft, ductile elastic torsion spring material. This means that torsion springs are subjected to bending stresses rather than torsional stresses. This type of spring is usually tightly wound, but could have spacing to reduce friction between the coils, which provides resistance to torsional or rotational forces.

Depending on the application, torsion springs can be designed to work in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, determining the direction of winding. And the coil torsion spring is commonly used in clothespins, clipboards, garage doors, hinges, balancers, automobiles, machine tools, appliances, and other industrial applications. Sizes range from small torsion springs for electronic devices to large torsion springs/high torque torsion springs for chair control units.

Xinzhaolang offers a wide range of torsion spring materials and torsion spring parts to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications in various industries, including the industrial torsion spring, coil torsion spring, standard torsion spring, helical torsion spring, double torsion spring and more custom torsion springs with excellent torsion spring design for better durability.

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