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Diode D-10|torsion spring parts.
Diode D-10|torsion spring parts.
  • Diode D-10|torsion spring parts.

Diode D-10|torsion spring parts.

Packing details: 1000PCS / bag
Application industry introduction:  Aerospace, Industrial, Medical applications, Automotive applications, Household appliances, Electronic, Toys, Hardware tool

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Product Details

Item O.D High color
D-1 11.5 10 white
D-10 8 8 red
D-5 10 8 white
D-30 18 10 white

Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Power Dissipation 50mW
Forward Current 100mA
Reverse Voltage 5V
Operating Temperature -40℃~+90℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+90℃

(Ta=25℃)Electrical-Optical Characteristics:
Parameter Test CONDITING Symbol Min Type Max Unit
Luminous Intensity IF=20mA IV 800.00 900.00 1000.00 mcd
DC Forward Voltage IF=20mA VF 3.00 3.02 3.20 V
DC Reverse Current VR = 5V  IR  5  — 50 uA
SuggestionForward Current - IF(sug) 5 10 20 mA

Diode , among electronic components, a device with two electrodes that allows current to flow in only one direction.Many of its uses are for its rectified function.And Varicap diodes are used as electronically adjustable capacitors.

torsion spring parts

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