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Touch spring is also known as touch-sensitive spring, touch button spring, and contact springs. Touch spring is a special spring-loaded button designed with capacitive and monolithic touchscreen appliances. The touch spring is usually made of stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, and nickel-plated wire. The application range covers aviation, industrial, medical applications, automotive applications, etc.

The capacitive touch spring is a robust capacitive induction that replaces traditional mechanical switches. With the great touch sensitivity of high quality touch switch springs, the product can be controlled with springs for PCB touch buttons without changing the housing mold.

The spring touch sensor can replace solid-state conductivity sensors so that printed circuit boards can be kept from overlays and provide reliable sensor connections under operating conditions of high vibration or extreme temperature changes. 

In addition, springs can provide other functions such as backlighting, hybrid mechanics, and capacitive buttons. Xinzhaolang offers a wide range of touch springs for various needs, including the touch switch spring, touch spring for circuit board, touch buffer spring,  washing machine touch spring, touch panel spring, compression touch switch spring, combined spring touch key, electrical touch springs, and so on.

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