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The metal compression spring is an open wound helical spring, which means as they are formed and wound during their manufacturing, the pitch (space in between coils) is added to the process. Therefore, the metal coil compression spring is able to go through with its requirements of compressing and storing energy when pushed and releasing it once the applied force is released.

Electrical touch springs are also called touch-sensitive springs, button springs, and contact springs, which the special spring button dedicated to capacitive and single-chip touch-screen electrical appliances. It is a robust capacitive sensing alternative to traditional mechanical switches with a retractable touch button. And the touch buffer spring can be realized without changing the shell mold with good touch sensitivity.

In this collection, you can find the small compression touch spring, stomp switch touch spring, spring touch sensor, small coil touch spring, touch button switch spring, touch panel compression spring, compression coil touch spring, metal small compression springs, and so on for various needs in your project.

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