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The coil spring, also known as the helical spring, you can find it almost everywhere, including toasters, garden gates, household furniture, retractable pens, playground toys, and even vehicular suspension systems. In the modern world, the coil spring is truly indispensable. The coil touch spring is a mechanical device that has become an integral part of our everyday life. 

Touch spring, aka induction spring, is dedicated touch buttons that are dedicated to capacitive and single-chip touch chip solutions. The touch button detects the change of the capacitance caused by the human touch through the charging/discharging time of the resistance-capacitance network formed by the capacitance CX of the resistor and the sensing electrode, thereby detecting the state of the control button and realizing the functions of the touch button. 

We offer a wide range of coil touch springs, including the touch panel spring, touch switch spring, touch button switch spring, washing machine touch spring, switch touch button spring, PCB touch spring, spring touch key, touch pannel spring, touch button spring plate, electromagnetic door touch plastic spring, spring capacitive touch, compression touch spring, capacitive touch spring, custom torsion coil spring and more high quality touch switch springs. Our products are widely used in a variety of electronics, white electricity, kitchen appliances, and more applications.

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