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What is the difference between left and right rotation of a torsion spring | torque force coil springs

What is the difference between left and right rotation of a torsion spring | torque force coil springs

Dec 06, 2021

1. As a compression spring or tension spring

There is no difference in function between left-handed spring and right-handed spring when used as tension and compression springs, but the right-handed spring is the main application.

2. As a torsion spring

1. Left-handed spring: The torsion force of the left-handed spring acts on the left-handed rotation, so it can only be used where the left-handed force is needed during application.

2. Right-handed spring: The torsion force of the right-handed spring is to rotate to the right, and the applicable range can only be the position that needs to be rotated to the right.

Three, spiral spring

The left-handed spring and the right-handed spring are just accumulators. They have the function of storing energy, but they cannot release the energy slowly. To realize the function of releasing slowly, it should be realized by the "spring + large transmission ratio mechanism".

Classification of coil springs:

1. According to the different characteristics of the load during work, the spiral spring can be divided into three types: compression, tension and torsion;

2. According to the structural characteristics, it can be divided into two categories: cylindrical spiral spring and variable diameter spiral spring; variable diameter spiral spring mainly bears compression load;

3. According to its shape characteristics, it can be divided into cone, scroll, concave and convex.

4. In production and use, coil springs can also be divided into two types according to the forming method and material diameter: large coil springs and small coil springs; the former is usually hot-formed, and the latter is cold-formed.

5. In other categories, there are many types of spiral springs, which can be divided into: ordinary cylindrical spiral springs; variable diameter spiral springs. According to the direction of the helix, it can be divided into: left-handed spring; right-handed spring.

6. Variable diameter spiral springs are divided into: conical spiral springs, scroll spiral springs, and concave spiral springs.

7. Cylindrical spiral spring, simple structure, convenient manufacturing, and the most widely used. Its characteristic line is a straight line, which can be used as compression spring, extension spring and torsion spring. When the load is large and the radial size is limited, two compression springs with different diameters can be sleeved together to form a combined spring.
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