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Trip to Xiachuan Island

Trip to Xiachuan Island

Jan 23, 2021

At 8 o 'clock in the morning of July 25, 2020, more than 100 outstanding colleagues and relatives and friends of Xin Zhaolang Company, led by General Manager Cai, took the bus to Xiachuan Island and started the two-day unforgettable trip to Xiachuan Island.
 2020 is a special year. In the first half of the year, everyone was afraid of the Coronavirus. All the employees of the company united and helped each other, and under the leadership of General Manager Cai, we safely passed the dangerous period.Coming to a more challenging time, our company organized this activity to encourage all colleagues to make persistent efforts, to fight the battle in a better state, enrich the staff's spare time life, enhance the communication and cooperation between departments, make the big family of Xin Zhaolang more harmonious, so as to better enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.
The whole trip lasted for 2 days, and the whole team was always surrounded by a harmonious and warm atmosphere.
Xiachuan Island, known as "China's Phuket Island", is shaded by coconut trees and has charming scenery, fine natural beaches, gentle and beautiful bays, and fascinating historical sites. 
On the first day, take a luxury speedboat in the vast expanse of blue waves, the sea and sky are one color, the white waves towering sky, the carefree feeling of galloping in the south of China once again ignites your passion for travel, outline the vision of Kawandao!In the afternoon, everyone was intoxicated with the blue sky, white clouds, white spray, fine silvery white beach, the Coconut Dream Corridor full of southern sentiment, and the sea reef scenery of various forms.
The next day, listening to the sound of the waves, relax and sleep until you naturally wake up.The Buddha mountain park, climb on the top of the 99 steps lie across the two pieces of natural stone: one is to climb the stone, stone cliff wide have master Mr Guan shanyue's inscription, under the look to overlook can enjoy sichuan island's most prestigious "seven star moon" landscape, another stone for sound stone, tap on a different position, will produce different sound effects, why so magical, remains a puzzle.
In the afternoon, we returned to the company by bus, and the trip to Xiachuan Island was over. While reflecting on this trip carefully, we began to prepare for a new round of work.we believe that everyone will put more energetic, more high enthusiasm into the work. We will contribution our own strength for XinZhaolang, and to build this big family, because, we are a family!

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