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Touch Pannel Spring|Where is the touch spring used?

Touch Pannel Spring|Where is the touch spring used?

May 31, 2022

Touch spring refers to a special spring button dedicated to capacitive and single-chip and touch screen electrical appliances. The touch spring is also called the touch sensing spring, the button spring and the contact spring. A robust capacitive sensing alternative to traditional mechanical switches. With retractable touch keys, the product can be controlled by touch keys without changing the shell mold, and the touch sensitivity is very good.
Touch spring materials mainly include: piano carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, high carbon steel, fierce steel wire, nickel wire, 60SizMNA, stainless steel wire for spring and other materials.
Surface treatment of the touch spring: environmentally friendly nickel, nickel-free white K plating, straight gold, bottom gold, silver, green bronze, ancient silver, etc.
The touch spring is widely used: induction cooker, light wave cooker, electric oven, electronic wine cabinet, disinfection cabinet, range hood, fan heater, water heater, money counter, massager, etc.

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