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Touch Pannel Spring | How Touch Sensing Springs Work

Touch Pannel Spring | How Touch Sensing Springs Work

May 31, 2022

Nowadays, the development of electronic technology is getting faster and faster. In order to allow us to use electronic digital products conveniently, capacitive touch-sensitive buttons are used in many digital products, but everyone is very curious about the principle of touch-sensitive buttons. What is it? Next, I will introduce the principle of touch-sensitive buttons to you.
The working principle of the touch-sensitive button is that the touch-sensitive button has different working principles according to different types. From the working principle, it can be divided into two categories, resistive touch buttons and capacitive sensing buttons. The principle of capacitive touch buttons is that the human body senses capacitance to detect whether the mobile phone exists? If there is a finger, it will have a certain induction to the current, so that the smart phone can be operated. To put it simply, when the human body is close to the capacitive button, the current generated by the human body is coupled to the static capacitance, and the capacitance value of the pressed connection reaches the maximum, and the changed capacitance value at this time will transmit and transform the signal. , so that the capacitive signal is converted into some kind of control signal, so as to achieve the function of controlling the smart phone.
The working principle of the resistance type is to use the human body to press the resistance, causing the resistance to change. The change of resistance will cause the whole circuit signal to change, so as to achieve the effect of controlling the smartphone. But his shortcomings are very big, the pressure must be to a certain extent, otherwise it will fail to achieve its purpose, which is also a major disadvantage of resistive touch buttons, so it will be eliminated by future digital products.

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