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Introduction to the working principle of the touch spring

Introduction to the working principle of the touch spring

Dec 29, 2022

We set off from Foshan on November 23rd and arrived in Poland on November 24th. In recent days, we have participated in a number of exchange activities in Europe with the Foshan Economic and Trade delegation. As a representative of the enterprise, I hope to learn about the market situation of Europe by taking this precious opportunity, "mutual discovery" with European customers, and seek new space for cooperation.

Our company was founded in 2012, started to focus on the domestic market. At the end of 2018, we started to enter the international market. But then came the pandemic, and foreign sales growth was weak. It was not until last year that foreign trade sales began to bear fruit, and this year they have continued to rise.

We already have some customers in Europe, but they don't know our company well enough. Therefore, an important part of our trip is to visit our customers in three countries, so that they can have a deeper understanding of our company. Secondly, although our main customers are distributed in Europe, we do not have a very good understanding of the demand of some European countries. We also hope to take this opportunity to further understand the distribution of the household appliance industry in Europe.
Since its establishment, we have been committed to the production of spring and hardware. In 2018, we made strategic adjustment and invested more than 1 million yuan in research and development and technology. We realized the spring automation plug-in and patch technology for customers, and successfully reduced staff and increased efficiency for customers. According to statistics, the production cost of customers can be reduced by 10%-20%. By this year, we have developed 4 solutions for our customers and obtained more than 30 patents, becoming a professional solution provider.

Although this activity only lasted for 10 days, it was very important for us. It not only opened up the market, deepened the contact with customers, but also learned about some opportunities of foreign exhibitions unexpectedly. Next, we plan to participate in the exhibition in Europe next year, hoping to find more customers and let more customers find us!