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Advantages of steel coil torsion spring

Advantages of steel coil torsion spring

Aug 13, 2021

1. High fatigue limit, with the ability to resist fatigue damage under long-term vibration and alternating stress.
2. Sufficient plasticity and toughness to meet the needs of forming and bearing certain impact loads.
3. High elastic limit or yield limit and high yield ratio deformation capacity and high load-bearing capacity to ensure that the spring has the elastic force of the spring.
When designing torsion springs, the coils of the torsion springs are in close contact, the purpose is to promote rotation and make it produce angular resilience. There are many options for the Libi structure, so that the spring can be fixed in many different ways. For torsion springs, you need to consider The moment arm specifications include the moment arm angle, the moment arm length and the moment arm closing type. When the spring is straight or parallel on the same side, the moment arm angle is regarded as 0 degrees, and the angle increases along the non-rotating direction, and the moment arm closing type Including straight torsion, linear offset, hinged, short hook closing and hook closing. In order to meet the application requirements, the closing of the spring can be bent, twisted, or the closing can be made into a hook or a ring.
The double torsion spring is composed of a set of right-handed rotating coils and a set of left-handed rotating coils. These coils are usually connected by the unclosed part between the windings, and these coils rotate in parallel. This part needs to be designed separately. The total torque is the sum of the yellow circles at both ends.
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